time doesn't fly.
we just don't remember it.
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Social networks helped us to connect with our family, friends and old colleague. We can see everything about anyone: where are they from, what are their friends, where they work, pictures with them, just about anything. We spend a lot of time to track their life but we neglict our own life.How many of you remember what you've done two years ago and what changed from then?
Because it's time we care more about ourselves we created trydocatch.com. It is a timeline where you can add your activities and browse them in 1 month,1 year, 5 years or whenever you want.It will help you to remember the most important things of your life and track the duration for the most commonly activities.
Imagine how would it be if we had a scrollbar to scroll our life.This is the main purpose of trydocatch.com

It is very easy to use.You just have to label the activity type you want to submit like "going to sleep","meeting with some friends","going to work","shopping" and hit a button.After you've done doing that activity you can simply stop it, see how much time you've spent doing it and even write some impressions about it.

Whenever you want you can see how many times and how much time you've spend doing each activity.You've spend "210 hours sleeping in the last month","170 hours hanging out with friends in the last year".
We can even tell you when you've spend to much time doing something or when you should spend more time doing something else.You just choose the activity and the duration.

Do you need something to remind you about what you have to do?
Just tell us when and we will remaind you about your bills, exams and anything else.

Maybe you just want to try something new.
Well, this is definitely new.